That idea kind of scares me, 27 years of my life could be bad hair days.  Seriously?  I do have bad hair days, in fact I have been having a week or two of them, but to think 27 years of my life could be made up of bad hair days, that just seems ridiculous.  So where in the world did 27 years come from?

According to a poll from Allure:

In a poll of 2,000 women, participants averaged three bad hairs days a week—and reported feeling depressed for about 1 and a half hours when their locks woke up on the wrong side of the bed. And when it’s bad, it’s terrible: 12 percent of women have cancelled a date, 12 percent have rearranged an outing with their friends, and nine percent wouldn’t go to a party with a messy ‘do.

So when you do the math based on that, you will find a woman has about 156 bad hair days a year, which if she lives to be 80, that is 27 years.

Wow!  I'm beginning to think putting that much emphasis on hair doesn't seem worth 27 years.