Sister Christian-Night Ranger

This was written by drummer Kelly Keagy for his 16-year old sister.

Kelly's sister, Christy, was in high school and was just like your typical teenage girl; hanging out with her friends on the main street of a small Oregon town. While spending some time with her and her friends, Keagy realized how fast his sister was growing up and wanted to give her some brotherly advice. In hindsight, he was also writing it for himself and others in his situation. He was living on a buddy's couch in San Fransisco and had a motorcycle that had stopped running.

The working title for the song was "Sister Christy," but the band thought he said "Sister Christian." Kelly corrected the band on the title, but they all agreed on the new title.

Once the song became popular, Christy began to call herself Christian for a while and she even received fan letters.

So, enjoy this week's BTM with brotherly advice from Night Ranger.