One of my favorite Saturday Night Live Sketches of all time, is the Schweddy Balls sketch with Ana Gastayer, Molly Shannon, and Alec Baldwin.  It is an NPR spoof about baking Christmas treats.  As with everything SNL, it is a funny double entendre.  This sketch has become very popular over the years.  A rumor recently started floating around that there could be a Schweddy Balls Ice Cream.

Ana Gasteyer was doing a interview with New York 1 when she let is slip that the infamous ice cream company Ben and Jerry'sis releasing a Schweddy Balls Ice Cream flavor around the holidays.  Now remember Gasteyer is a comedian, and she could have been joking, but how awesome would that be if she wasn't!  See Ana's interview here.  In the meantime enjoy the famous SNL Sketch again.