The holidays are a super nostalgic time of year for me. It takes me back to a time when things were so much more simple.

Watching classic Christmas shows and movies asking with all of the new favorites really gets me in the Christmas spirit.
Here is a short list of just some of the movies you will be able to watch this Christmas on Suddenlink.

#1. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Who doesn't love to sit back with some hot chocolate out tea and watch the hilarity of the Griswold family Christmas? Not only is this one of my favorite Christmas Movies, but it is one of my favorite movies of all time. The story of a bright smiled Clark Griswold planning the perfect Christmas only to have it fall apart before his eyes is enough to make you cry laughing. Then you add in cousin Eddie and the In-laws and you have one of the best Christmas Movies ever.

#2. Four Christmases

Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon are headed out on their yearly avoidance of the Christmas holidays when they get ripped into spending it with both sides of their dysfunctional families. From the living-room wrestling match to the hilarious pregnancy test scene, this movie has me in stitches the entire movie.

#3. Miracle On 34th Street

This is an all-time classic for everyone young and old. A charming older gentleman who claims to be Santa Claus has to prove himself in a court of law. The movie takes place mainly in Macy's department store and has everything a person could want out of a Christmas movie. This is a true classic and has become tradition in most households around the country and the world.

#4. It's A Wonderful Life

This movie is also a tradition in our household. A story of a man who wants nothing more than to get out of the town that he has grown up in, finds himself heading the family mortgage business. He's a man of integrity and a fair businessman, but still longs for something outside of the small town for happiness. After an accounting snafu and being threatened with jail from the local "evil banker", he finds himself considering suicide. At that point he is introduced to the Angel that would save his life and deliver him back to happiness. This is a great family movie.

#5. The Santa Claus Series

Tim Allen takes the role of Santa Claus and makes it his own. He never planned on becoming Santa and was quite literally thrown into the role, he becomes the best Santa ever, while still being a great dad to his son in the 'lower 48'. His quests are different in each movie and heartwarmingly hilarious. If you have children, this is a series of movies that are probably on your watched list.

This is a short list and you can find just about every Christmas movie out if you just browse your TiVo or Suddenlink DVR. Make it a year to add a new movie to your holiday tradition.