Happy National Cinnamon Roll Day!  Today is the day to celebrate the warm, gooey, goodness of the cinnamon roll.  The cinnamon roll was born in Sweden and made it's debut in the United States in the 18th century, but since the creation, there has been a love affair with the cinnamon roll.  So where can you go in Amarillo to get the best cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning?  Here is a list of the best places in town.

Calico County - 2410 Paramount

Calico County has some of the best cinnamon rolls because they are so simplistic yet so delicious and they are served up with each meal.  They are crunchy on the outside yet gooey on the inside.  You'll fill up on these before your meal reaches the table.

Laurie N via Yelp

Frank's Bakery - 1923 S. Western

Apparently these cinnamon rolls are the flakiest around and are made out of the same ingredients as their croissants (which are delicious).

Mystery L via Yelp

Scratch Made Bakery - 118 SW 6th

Scratch Made Bakery does brunch every Saturday and from what I hear from feedback from those that have tried it, their cinnamon rolls are to die for.

Adam S via Yelp

Belmar Bakery - 3325 S. Bell

This picture shows it all, the delicious icing topping this delectable treat.  Stop by before work and grab a cinnamon roll.  Heck grab a dozen and treat your coworkers.

Donut Stop - I-27 and 45th, I-40 and Bell, I-40 and Grand, Just off 45th and Coulter

You cannot go wrong with a Donut Stop cinnamon roll.  When somebody brings donuts to work.  I always go for the cinnamon roll, of course they are so huge I have to cut it in half but, they are great!

Casey C via Yelp

Cinnabon - Inside Schlotzsky's at 34th and Bell, I-40 and Ross, and 1619 S. Kentucky

It used to be the only place you could get an ooey gooey Cinnabon was in an airport, but now you can get them here in Amarillo.  They are located inside our local Schlotzky's and they are delicious!

So now that you are drooling and hungry for cinnamon rolls, where do you go to get the best cinnamon rolls in Amarillo?