Mix 94.1 has your chance to win some really great prizes from Westgate Mall.  You will be decorating your Christmas Tree anyway so why not take a picture of you and your tree and send it to us for your chance to win.We, along with Westgate Mall are looking for the Best Decorated Christmas Tree in the Texas Panhandle.  All you have to do is once you have finished decorating your tree take a picture of you and your tree and then just upload your photo in the form below.  Remember YOU MUST be in the picture with the tree.   This is just to keep people from going online and finding a picture of a Christmas Tree.

Westgate Mall has given us gift cards to give to the Best Decorated Christmas Tree.

1st Prize: $100 Gift Card

2nd Prize: $50 Gift Card

3rd Prize: $25 Gift Card


These gift cards can be used to shop any where in the mall.

The Mix 94.1 Staff will pick the winners.

See the Winners here.