Lunch is a great thing, most of the time we have a tendency to skip lunch, however every now and then we have extra time for lunch and like to get together with our sweetheart or close friends.  Here's some of the best places in Amarillo for a lunch date.

Pescaraz Italian Restaurant - 3415 S. Bell

This is the perfect place for a date lunch, the bread knots are worth the meal!  They have a nice little patio and a full bar.  They serve lunch from 11-3pm and have a great lunch menu.

Yelp via Rachel R.

Crush Wine Bar and Deli - 701 S. Polk

They have such a wide variety of food and it's a nice little place to get together with your sweetheart or your best friends for lunch.  They serve lunch from 11-4p

Yelp via Syl M.

Grills Gon' Wild - 7200 W. McCormick

This is a quirky little place.  They make ordering your meal fun and the condiment containers start a conversation right off the bat.  So if you are looking for great food and instant conversation this is the place.  They serve lunch from 11-2pm

Yelp via MJ R.

Fire Slice Pizzeria - 7306 SW. 34th - Summit Shopping Center in the back

This place is a hidden gem and when I say hidden I mean it.  It's behind the Summit Shopping center, but it is a great place to get together with your friends.  They have a wide variety of pizza and let me just say this: sweet potato fries!  They serve lunch Wednesday - Saturday from 11-2p

Yelp via Brianna D.

So tell me where you like to go for a lunch date in Amarillo. Let us know and we'll add it to the list.