According to Trip Advisor, Here is the list of the best restaurants in Amarillo.
Now for my reviews.

#1. OHMS
Which I personally have never eaten at.

#2. Blue Sky
Which has a good burger, but the best? I don't know.

#3. Big Texan Steak Ranch
For a place that is known across the nation, a mediocre steak.

#4. Jorges Tacos Garcia Mexican Food
Jorges has excellent enchiladas and shrimp fajitas.

#5. Franks Bakery
I don't know Frank or of his Bakery. How bout some advertising Frank.

#6. Country Barn Steak House
If you have an extra $25 burning a hole in your wallet for 1 steak. Then you will enjoy their RibEye.

#7. El Tejavan
Actually very good and moderately priced.

#8. Olive Garden
Come on, did this really make the list?

#9. BL Bistro
Very impressive menu and super tasty. I am shocked that this was down at #9!

#10. Calico County
Calico used to be awsome. These days, not impressive and has gotten more and more expensive.

So, those are my takes on the Trip Advisor top 10 Restaurants in Amarillo.

Let us know of your favorite eatery and we will get a list of listeners favorite restaurants.