The weather is calling for a high of 93 today in Amarillo.  Wow, it's like we skipped Spring and flew straight into summer.  However, we have snow in the forecast for Thursday.  Speaking of snow, since it is going to be hot today, let's talk snow cones.Took a biteI have heard so much about snow cones in the last few days.  I have seen a ton of pictures on facebook with snow cones.  I am now in a snow cone frame of mind and craving a good one.

You just have to love finely shaved ice with a delicious flavor or flavors on top.  The thought of the coolness hitting your lips and tongue just seems to instantly cool you off just thinking about it.

Yum!  Snow cones for lunch?

So when it comes to snow cones do you have a particular place or do you just stop when you see a snow cone stand.

Typing this blog makes me giggle because on Thursday I just might be able to make a snow cone with actual snow.  Sheesh!  The weather needs medication.