Train is one of those bands that stands the test of time.   I've been a fan from the beginning and will be long into the future. Plus, it is really awesome to listen to Pat Monahan and his awesome vocals, and it doesn't hurt that he's very handsome.  Here are my top 5 Train songs.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

5. Calling All Angels

I will admit that this song nearly didn't make the list because, even though I loved this song when it came out.  The burn factor has set in and I have a cringe factor ever time I hear it.  This song was Train's 3rd Top 20, and can be found on the 2003, My Private Nation album.

4. Hey Soul Sister

Released as the first single from their 5th studio album, Save Me San Francisco, in 2009.  Even though I really do love this song, it missed the topped spot because again it was everywhere you turned around and after so long the burn factor set in.

3. Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)

I guess this had to make the list, I mean you can't have a top 5 of Train's best songs without including Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me). The album, Drops of Jupiter, was the first multi0-platinum album for the band.  The single went on to spend over 54 weeks on the charts.

2. Drive By

Train released Drive By in January of 2012, 4 months before the release of California 57 the album.  The song peaked at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100.  I love it because of it's upbeat fun.  Plus where else are you going to find the lyrics, "just a shy guy looking for a 2-ply hefty bag to hold my love."

1. Meet Virginia

This was the second single from their 1998 self debut album, Train, and their first Top 20 hit.  This will always be my favorite Train song, because it is Train.  It was when I first fell in love with them.  Plus, the emotions this song touches is endless.

Plus, when it comes to this band, there is just something about the lyrics of all their songs.  One minute, you are just singing along, and the next, you're like, what the heck did he just say?  They just fit the moment.

Oh and I just have to add a little bonus, I really think this song didn't get its due when it was released, you cannot not have a hit when you have a mariachi band in your song and David Hasselhoff in your video talking about ways to die.

Bonus: 50 Ways to Say Goodbye