Picture yourself with some nice furniture on your front porch.  You have moved it and set it in the way you like.  It works for you, your family and your friends when you are sitting on the porch.  One day your furniture has been rearranged, but no one in your family has touched it. 

So you put the furniture back the way you had it and then it is rearranged again.  At first thought, someone is playing a practical joke, but the joke is no longer funny.  So you go and check out your video surveillance footage and this is what you find.

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This woman must be very bored or a real control freak. Seriously, who comes up to a complete strangers house and rearranges furniture.  I'm sure she thought she was being funny, but what she doesn't realize that if these homeowners were serious about it she could be arrested for trespassing.  Some people.