I have a love for HBO Series.  I find myself heartbroken when a series ends.  It is even more heartbreaking when the series ends with a bad ending.  The ending to The Soprano's left people in shock and awe.  Not because Tony Soprano died but because it just cut off, not even a fade to black (I'm sure cable companies across the country got an ear full that night).  Sex in the City ended on a happy note.  Six Feet Under, the best ending of a series ever, left no stone unturned.  Then last night we said good-bye to Big Love's Hendrickson Family.

I have watched Big Love since the beginning.  The  TV Show that introduced cable TV viewers to polygamy.  The series was no stranger to controversy.  However, it was a beautifully written show.  I fell in love with the characters, I felt their hurt.  I even found myself despising the villans of the show, but deep down I cheered on the Hendrickson Family.

I hoped each week that Nicki would grow up and let her hatred and spitefulness go.  I felt for Barb, and the struggles she faced.  Margene was just a young girl that entered into this family that by the end of the series grow into a wonderful young woman with big dreams and love for her family and religion.  Bill, for me, it was a love and hate relationship for Bill, sometimes I felt his pain and other times I just wanted to stick my hand in the TV and slap him and yell "Wake Up!"

After 5 seasons, the writers wrapped up the show beautifully.  Did I love it, no but did I hate it, no.  I won't tell you how the series ended because you might not have watched it yet.  However, I will tell you there is triumph and there is loss.  You will have questions in the end but you will know where the Hendrickson family stands.

You'll have "Big" Love for the ending or you will be disappointed but HBO hit it out of the park with this series.   Big Love opened the door to tell the story of polygamy, and thanks to HBO opening the door,  you now have Sister Wives on TLC, a reality show about plural marriage.

So what were your thoughts on last nights series finale?  Did you love it, hate it?