Hollywood just keeps going and going and going with their recycled ideas.  I literally want to bash my head against the wall about the latest idea they are looking into and that is turning The Blues Brothers into a TV Show.

Yes you read that correctly, The Blues Brothers TV Show.  Take a minute to find a wall and start hitting your head against it.  Yes, The Blues Brothers got it's start on a TV Show, a comedy sketch TV Show that is loved by many.  Saturday Night Live created The Blues Brothers, and it was the first SNL sketch to get a full feature movie.

See the original theatrical trailer here.

Seriously, is this really doing justice to this movie or great idea of Jake and Elwood?

According to the Hollywood Reporter:

The former Saturday Night Live sketch-turned-big-screen feature is being redeveloped as a new series with Judy Belushi (John’s widow) among the writers attached.

The project would see Jake and Elwood out of jail, with the latter searching for his real father.

I don't know, maybe I want originality in my life when it comes to TV and movies.  I just cannot see this as a good TV show.  Would it be a 30 minute comedy or a 1 hour drama show?   Who could they get to fill the shoes of John BelushiJohn Goodman tried and it didn't go so well.  Also who could fill Dan Aykroyd's shoes?

What do you think?  Would this make a good TV show?