Oh My Goodness, seriously! This is either the coolest thing ever or it is just pure ridiculousness, I haven't decided which.  It is a boat and it is a hot tub, so you can boat around while enjoying all the comforts of a hot tub.


Now that you've seen the videos, imagine yourself on Ute Lake, Greenbelt, Meredith, Mackenzie (if there is water) floating around in a hot tub.

It is designed by a company in the Netherlands called Supergoed.

The smallest Hot Tug will run you about $15,000  while the largest will run you about $21, 000, and that is just for the boat and doesn't include shipping.

The boat takes 475 gallons of water to fill it up and a supply of firewood to heat it.

The only draw back is that you have to go to Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to purchase your Hot Tug.

So now that you've seen this, would you purchase or rent a Hot Tug?
For more information on the Hot Tube visit their website or facebook