Late Saturday afternoon I received a call from my mom and I could hear my son just boo-hooing in the background.  My mom, "I don't think Ethan, feels good and I think he has a fever."  In the background, "I want my mommmy."  Well of course being a mom that just breaks your heart.  Ethan got to go hang out with Gamma this weekend because mommy was working at Amarillo's Largest Garage Sale.  I told Ethan that mommy and daddy would come to Gamma's as soon as I could.  Well Ethan didn't feel good but the minute Lony and I walked into the house he was bouncing off the walls of my mom's house.  We spent the night at my mom's house (my mom doesn't live in Amarillo), because my nieces birthday was the next day.

The next morning he was running a fever but that didn't stop him, a little dose of medicine and he was good to go.  He was running all over the place and having fun with all the kids and games at my niece's birthday party.  On top of that the kid at a ton of cake and ice cream.

When we finally got a chance to come home he laid down on the couch and feel asleep then just started crying in his sleep, my boy did not feel good and that is a definite sign for him that it is just more than a cough.

So my question is, how is it that toddlers can bounce off the wall when they spike a fever of 102?

Ethan visited the doctor this morning.  My little guy has strep and a ear infection.  So he'll be hanging out at home for a few days.  So if some reason you don't hear me tomorrow that is why.  I'm cudding with my sick little man.

It still amazes me that Ethan can get as sick as he does and I don't catch it until it is too late because he is going 90-nothing all the time.  I catch it when he's little cheeks turn red.