Last night I found myself unable to sleep so I spent my insomnia surfing the web.  I hopped onto the Toys R Us website only to find something from my childhood that I absolutely adored, Cabbage Patch Kids!  Not just any Cabbage Patch Kids, but the vintage sailor dressed Cabbage Patch Kid.

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Imagine my surprise to see that this is in the Toys R Us list of the Hottest toys for this holiday season.  It is almost as if it is 1983 again.

I didn't get a Cabbage Patch Kid from Santa that year, but I did eventually get a Cabbage Patch complete with birth certificate and Xavier Roberts' signature on their behinds.

Cassie Katrina was my first Cabbage Patch Kid, blonde hair, blue eyes and a pretty red dress.  Carmella Lana was my second Cabbage Patch, brown hair, brown eyes and a navy blue dress with red stripes and a red tie.  Then when the Corn Silk Cabbage Patch Kids came out, Amaryllis Lana joined my Cabbage Patch family, she had auburn hair and a pretty white dress.

It may sound odd, that I remember my CBK's so fondly, but they were the highlight of some of my favorite childhood memories.  Plus, I still have all three of them and their birth certificates.

So do you remember the names of your Cabbage Patch Kids.