One family wants to make sure all babies in the Panhandle have milk.

Just hours after bringing her baby son home from the hospital, Kalee Barton suddenly passed away. Her Husband Cy Barton not only lost his beloved wife, he now had a newborn baby and no breast milk to feed him.

35 gallons of breast milk has been donated to now-one-month-old baby Cru from local mothers. After this huge act of generosity, Kalee's family has decided to start a breast milk bank in the Panhandle. They have experienced firsthand how difficult it is for some families to get breast milk and want to help those families. The state of Texas has breast milk banks but unfortunately a lot of families in need do not meet the state's requirements.

Having a local breast milk bank would have a profound effect on the Panhandle and the health of our newborns. Kalee's family is still in the brainstorming stages of the idea.

While there are other options for feeding a newborn, like formula, breast milk is the healthiest option because it offers vital nutrients that a baby needs to develop brain function.

Read more of Kalee's story here.

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