Tex Randall is one of my favorite childhood memories.  When my family and I would drive from Hereford, I knew that when I saw Tex Randall or The Big Cowboy as I called him back then I knew we were almost to Amarillo. 

The Big Cowboy has been a part of Canyon since 1959.  I remember as a child Tex was so cool.  Then as I got older it made me sad to see that his paint was peeling and his cowboy fingers were just twisted pieces of metal slowly deteriorating.    Then something amazing happened in 1989, Tex got a make over and some shiny new boots and spurs and his fingers once again looked like fingers.

It warms my heart when E and are coming back to Amarillo after visiting my family in Hereford, he says the same thing I used to, "Look Momma, it's the Big Cowboy, we're almost to Amarillo."

What is sad however is that Tex needs a new makeover, his fingers are twisted pieces of metal just hanging and he needs some new duds.

That is why the Tex Randall Project needs your help.  Funds are needed to restore good 'ol Tex to make him better and to build a park around him.

The project is trying to raise $250,000 for Tex and so far it looks like they are at $80,000.  I would love to see Tex receive a Texas Sized Extreme Makeover, however until the funds can be raised, Tex will remain a beaten down cowboy.

If you would like to donate to the Texas Randall Project, please CLICK HERE for more information.