Are you ready to be 'Blown Away?'

'Blown Away' is the title of latest album and tour from Carrie Underwood and she was spot on with both.

Why should you pick up "The Blown Away Tour: LIVE" DVD? I've got a few great reasons below.

I can tell you first hand that this is a fun show. I caught it on October 25 in OKC. Hunter Hayes opened all her shows and he was great. Sadly, he's not included on the DVD but here's what is:

-It doesn't matter if you are a huge country fan or not. This ain't your paw-paw and me-maw's country. Carrie hits the ground rockin' with 'Good Girl' and doesn't let up.

-She goes six songs deep before she does an album track, so if you want the hits you get them.

-The show goes for almost 90 minutes, a total of 20 songs, with lots of costume changes and cool stage effects. Midway through the show part of the stage is lifted in the air and travels from one end of the building to the other. Plus a great ending when she sings the album's title track as her encore.


-Your special features on the DVD include videos for "Good Girl," "Two Black Cadillacs," "See You Again" and "Blown Away."

-This is the show that aired live on ASX-TV in March from Citizen's Business Bank Arena in Ontario. It only aired twice; live followed by an encore presentation.

I don't own a home theater system, but this DVD would be my tipping point to buy one.

If I have any disappointment in the DVD version it's only because of two things, which I'm sure had to do with licensing issues. You don't get Hunter Hayes' show to open up the night or Carrie's performance of 'Sweet Emotion' from Aerosmith.

Trust me, if you get this DVD you will be 'Blown Away.' It ranks in my Top Five BEST CONCERTS ever!

Carrie Underwood's 'Blown Away Tour: LIVE' DVD is available on August 13, 2013.