Thieves don't care if it is cold outside.  Heck the cold weather is probably gold for them. Its cold outside and people are not being as cautious.  A series of car burglaries have been happening in South Amarillo.


The Amarillo Police Department has responded to over 43 vehicles being broken into in Amarillo.  The areas that have been targeted are Rutson, Langtry, Huntington, 35th, or 37th.  As well as Tyler, Polk, Hawthorne, SW 28th, Lynette, Virginia, Blackburn, Oregon, Whittier, Farrell, Sandie, Brennan, Estacado, Syracuse, Bayswater.

So if you do park your car outside please make sure you are taking your valuables inside.  Just because you think you have them hidden in your car, they might not be as hidden as you think.

Never leave your phones, wallets, laptops, backpacks, etc in your car if you park it outside.  That is just asking a thief to bust out your window and take your belongings.

If you do see suspicious people walking your streets, parking lots, and looking at cars, call the Amarillo Police department at  378-3038.