This Salt and Pepper Poodle Mix Will Melt Your Heart
This week's Pet of the Week is Pepper.  This dog is the sweetest little thing.  Pepper is about a year old and is just all about the cuddles.  When she perks up those ears, your heart will melt.  Pepper needs a loving family to cuddle and play with forever.   Hurry…
Mix Pet of the Week: Meet Benny
Benny is such a sweetheart.  He's a terrier mix and just loves cuddles.  He's calm and just loveable.  He needs a wonderful home where he will be loved.  He looks sad, but with the right family, I'm sure it will put a smile on his face.  You can be that family…
Night Hike at the Amarillo Zoo
Looking for something a bit different to do with the family?  How would you like to see the Amarillo Zoo animals in a different light?  How about in the dark?  Well your coming up with Night Hike at the Amarillo Zoo.
Mix Pet of the Week: Meet Cooper
Cooper is a puppy that needs a good family to grow up with and love.   The Amarillo SPCA isn't sure what mix Cooper is, it is possible he is a chihuahua mix, but not matter what he is, Cooper is a great dog and needs you.

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