Stolen Dog Reunited with Owner Will Have You Misty-Eyed
You know that reaction dogs have when you return home? You know, the one where the tail is moving a million miles a minute because they're so happy you've pulled this amazing stunt where you've somehow made it back? That's a reaction this dog owner in Britain didn't know if…
Volunteer At The Amarillo Zoo
The Amarillo Zoo has an opportunity available to the citizens of Amarillo.  It's a great way to help out in the community, a great way to learn about new things and have fun at the same time.  The Amarillo Zoo has opportunities for you to volunteer and help out around the facility.
Mix Pet of the Week: Meet Aries
The Amarillo SPCA stopped by and brought the most beautiful dog with them this week.  This dog is full of energy and is just downright unique.  She is a terrier mix and needs a wonderful home.  If you have lots of love to give and can give this dog the love she needs then I encourage …
Dog Thinks He’s an Ambulance
I love pets!  Animals are amazing creatures.  Dogs are wonderful creatures.  They are loving, caring, and give you unconditional love.  Plus, they are very entertaining.  Dogs are smart creatures.  That's why when they do something out of the ordinary pet owners wa…

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