Ten TV Shows That Were Turned Into Board Games
As long we've had TV, game companies have been translating some of our favorites shows into board games.
A couple of the big game companies while I was growing up were Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley. Both are now owned by Hasbro. Over the years game companies have  extended the reach of…
The 10 Rules Of The Road Runner Cartoons [VIDEO]
One of my favorite Warner Brothers cartoon has been the never-ending chase of the Road Runner and Coyote.
This classic pair of characters were created in 1948 by Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese.
After all these years there have only been 48 shorts created of the Road Runner as "he runs on the…
Student Suspended for a Year for Hugging a Teacher [VIDEO]
Last week we told you about a 6-year-old who was suspended from school for kissing another student on the cheek and it went into his school record as sexual harassment.  Now a 17-year-old student at a high school in Duluth High School in Georgia has been suspended for a year and risks losing hi…
Through My Child’s Eyes
This week, I am absolutely digging this story posted on the Huffington Post parents feed.
It's all about the way one family told their son he has Down syndrome. I love how the kid just basically shrugs his shoulders and goes on about his day, the weight of what his parents had known for so long …

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