Children’s Miracle Network Final Count
Thank you!  Thank you for donating to the Children's Miracle Network!  With you generous donations CMN will be able to help out many families in the Texas Panhandle.    So how much did the radiothon raise for CMN in its 2 days?
CMN Beads of Courage
Last year a new program was started with CMN, it is called Beads of Courage.  Every time a child comes into the hopspital for a stay, for treatment, they receive a bead. Each bead represents something different.  Sadly, as beautiful as these strands of beads are, some of these kids Beads o…
Help CMN Buy a New Procedure Doll
One of the many wonderful things that CMN has purchased is a Surgery Doll.  The surgery Doll is named Izzy.  This doll is used to teach and show small children procedures that will be happening on their little bodies.
Children’s Miracle Network Miracles
We will be kicking of four CMN Celebration Radiothon on Thursday and will continue it through Friday.  We encourage you to tune in and join us for this wonderful event.  Please open your hearts and your wallets to help out this wonderful cause.  All money raised will stay right here in the Texas Pan…
Mommy Blogger Robyn – Too Much Information
Like a lot of other people on Monday, I spent way too much time watching TV and checking social media for updates on the devastating tornado in Oklahoma. I checked on my family that lives there and reminded them I love them. I don't know if it's the fact that journalism never quite leaves your syste…

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