Quick Christmas Candy: Candy Cane Pops
If you need a quick easy candy gift idea I have it for you.  Whether you just want to treat your co-workers to something sweet or you need something for your child's class then these candy cane pops are quick and easy to make.
The Living Cowboy Nativity
The holidays are magical and wonderful and Amarillo has a wonderful way of celebrating the holiday season.  One of the ways to celebrate the season is with a beautiful nativity because the birth of Jesus is the reason for the season.
Christmas Traditions: The Christmas Village
I have a Christmas tradition that I started over 15 years ago.  It wasn't something handed down.  It was something I started when I walked into a store and saw the most beautiful piece of a Christmas village.  I bought it and it started a tradition that I have kept.
How to Make Christmas Crack
Here's a delicious recipe for an awesome Christmas candy.  It's Christmas Crack.  Let me tell you it makes a lot.  However, it won't last.  We had people up here at the office stealing it from other people because it is that good.
Breakfast with Santa with the Discovery Center
Don't you just love the holidays?  The decorations, the music, the joy and Santa Claus.  The kids want to have time with Santa and what better way to do it, than Breakfast with Santa.  Breakfast with Santa has become a tradition with the Discovery Center.

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