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When You Tip, How Do You Stack Up Against Others?
Zagat recently surveyed over 9,000 diners to find the top dining trends of 2016.
- the average person tips 18.9%.
- Boston diners are America's most generous tippers (20%) while San Antonio residents are the least generous (17.1%)
- the average cost to dine out is $36 per person...
Kenny’s Recipe Of The Week!
Photo:  Getty Images/Neilsen Barnard.  Also, photo isn't me.
I made this on Monday.  SOOO GOOD!
Broccoli & Cheese Soup is one of my faves.  Here's the recipe:
You'll need the following:  Stick of butter, one onion, Pint of Half 'n Half, 1/2 Pound of …
See, Not All Of The Crazies Are In Florida
Countess Dracula: Georgina Condon, of Brisbane, Australia, tells the Daily Mail that she is a real life vampire. The 38 year-old claims she suffers from solar dermatitis and gets blisters from UV light.
Condon gets blood from her boyfriend...

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