Mommy Blogger April B. – Ancay ouyay eakspay igpay atlinay?
"Ancay ouyay eakspay igpay atlinay?" I asked my kids one morning this week after catching the tail end of a Phinneas and Ferb episode where they make up their own version of pig latin called "Ferb Latin." It gave me an idea...wouldn't it be hysterical if I first freaked my kids o…
Mommy Blogger Jess C. – Daddy Can Take Care of The Kids
This past weekend I went with a friend to Austin and left my 6 children in the capable hands of my husband.  My friend and I went to investigate a school she was possibly wanting to attend.   We also went to a couple of restaurants, floated on a river, ate from a food truck and even went for ice cre…
Glen Rose, Texas: A Fun Vacation Spot for the Family
Over the holiday weekend E. and I went on vacation.  He loves dinosaurs and a friend told me about this place that was full of dinosaurs.  It was in the tiny town of Glen Rose, Texas.  We only went for the day but it would be perfect for a family vacation.  You may ask yourself why would anyone want…
Mommy Blogger Robyn L. – Clutter Occasion
Being teachers allows my husband and me the opportunity to stay home with our kids during the summer and the holidays. We've often commented on how blessed we are that we get to spend so much time together as a family. It truly is wonderful. Well, except for one thing... The mess.
Fun Summer Activities and Crafts for Kids
So Summer is here and the kids are out of school.  Before to long they are going to be whining about being bored.  Well when that boredom rolls around here are some fun activities you and the kids can do to pass the time.

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