Restaurant Adds Breakfast Ravioli To Its Menu
A New York restaurant recently added 'breakfast ravioli' to its menu. LaRina Pastificio & Vino is offering Black Pepper Raviolone, with bacon, poached eggs and smoked spaghetti carbonara. For non-meat eaters, Chef John Fraser is rolling out vegetarian and meat-free breakfast raviol…
Best Waffles in Amarillo to Celebrate National Waffle Day
Waffles are amazing.  I have heard that waffles are a polite pancake because they have these little compartments that hold your syrup.  Waffles can be thick, think, sweet or savory.  You can have them for breakfast, dinner or a snack.  You can top them with syrup or you can top them with chicken.  I…
806 Food Truck Roundup Coming To Amarillo
Let's face it - we love food.  We also love food in weird and quirky ways.  So it's not surprising that we love our food from a food truck.  Food trucks have become a hugely popular thing across America and it looks like the fun is coming to Amarillo.

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