Happy Birthday Twinkies
Yes today we celebrate the Twinkie.  The Twinkie was born back on this day in 1930.  This delicious cake filled with creamy goodness changed the world.  What would we ever do without the Twinkie.
How It’s Made: The Crave Factory
I have had the opportunity to go to different business in Amarillo and see how they do things.  I like to call it my "How It's Made" series.  It's been really fun to see how some of these places make things or do things.  I love to share this with you.  I had to opportunity to visit Chef L…
Top 5 Asian Restaurants In Amarillo
Asian food is tasty and generally good for you.  Whether it's Thai, Chinese, Japanese, or whatever, Asian food is good anytime. Here are the top 5 Asian restaurants according to

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