How to Prepare for the Monday After the Super Bowl
Let's face it, we already have our plans for Super Bowl Sunday.  We know there will be a ton of food, we know there will be beverages, and we know that it will be somewhat of a late night, so how do you prepare for the next day?  We have your tips right here.
Top 5 Reasons to Eat Dark Chocolate
Today is National Dark Chocolate Day.  I am a fan of dark chocolate.  It's tasty.  Not many people like dark chocolate, but I do.  I think that comes with age because I used to hate it.  So in honor of this day, here are the top reasons to eat dark chocolate.
When You Tip, How Do You Stack Up Against Others?
Zagat recently surveyed over 9,000 diners to find the top dining trends of 2016.
- the average person tips 18.9%.
- Boston diners are America's most generous tippers (20%) while San Antonio residents are the least generous (17.1%)
- the average cost to dine out is $36 per person...
Kenny’s Recipe Of The Week!
Photo:  Getty Images/Neilsen Barnard.  Also, photo isn't me.
I made this on Monday.  SOOO GOOD!
Broccoli & Cheese Soup is one of my faves.  Here's the recipe:
You'll need the following:  Stick of butter, one onion, Pint of Half 'n Half, 1/2 Pound of …

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