Spilled Coffee a Good or Bad Omen
After being on a 12 day vacation, I was back at work yesterday.  As you know going back to work after being on vacation is never easy.  You have to get used to your routine again and I will admit that 4:30am alarm is something you really never get used to ringing in your ear, or shall I sa…
Free Breakfast with Santa
Can you believe we are only 12 days from Christmas.  That means we are only 11 days away from Santa taking off and flying all over the world and delivering toys and presents.  Even though Santa is prepping to deliver toys all over the world, he still has time to stop by and have breakfast.
Join Us for Happy Meals with Santa
We are putting together two of the best things that kids love, Santa and Happy Meals.  Come join us for a fun event this Thursday, where the kids can enjoy a yummy Happy Meal and meet Santa at the same time.
Favorite Christmas Candy
I remember growing up my Meme was amazing in the kitchen.  She was the greatest baker.  She made the most amazing cakes, from birthday to wedding, she could do it all.  Not to mention the best pies ever.  However each and every Christmas that woman would spend hours upon hours in…
Amarillo Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving Dinner 2016
Let's face it life can be a bit crazy and sometimes the thought of having to cook a big meal for Thanksgiving just isn't in the cards.  Sometimes you just need to enjoy the holiday and not have to worry about all the hassle and stress of cooking, cleaning, and working.  Luckily, we have some great r…

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