Best Summertime Movies of All Time
Since it is summer, the heat and the season has me thinking of the best movies that take place during the summer.  So I put together a list of the Best Summertime Movies of All Time!
Man of Steel: The Musical
I love funny goofs on movies.  So "Superman: Man of Steel" is in theaters this weekend.  The YouTube comedy team of Rhett and Link have created a very cheesy Man of Steel Musical, starring middle school kids.  Enjoy!
‘Hangover 3′ Review
'The Hangover' giveth and 'The Hangover' taketh away.
The first 'Hangover' made Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and especially Zach Galifianakis stars, and it elevated Todd Phillips from middling Hollywood director to name-brand comic auteur. But in the film industry, success that surprising and enormous …

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