What is the Worst Christmas Song Ever Recorded?
Christmas is almost here and we have been playing Christmas Music 24/7 since the day before Thanksgiving.  We try to play the best Christmas songs out there, but we know there are those Christmas songs that make you cringe every time you hear them.
Top 10 Music Videos of 2015
You can be confident that you know exactly what a song is about. Then, you watch the music video and all of your confidence fades away. Music videos are glimpses into the background of every song and even more so the artist that performs them...
I Make Almost As Much As These People Do (not!)
As you work your way through another stressful work week, don't let info like this get you down.  They say there is a price for fame, but would you put up with it to make this kind of money???
Here's Forbes' Magazine's list of highest paid musical acts...
Why That Song Is Stuck In Your Head
Everyone has suffered from having the same song stuck in their heads for hours on end. Christmas songs are the worst! You hear one on the radio for two seconds and find yourself singing it all day. Why does this happen?
Good news: Scientists are on it...
If You Want It We Have Your Christmas Music Right Now!
Let's face it we are less than 2 months away from Christmas and it has already snuck inside our brains.  While not everyone can get into the Christmas Spirit early some are ready for the red and green.  Well we want to help you get in that festive mood that's why we already have …

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