Easy Ways to Save on Your Shopping
I have recently become the person that looks for great deals.  The price of food keeps rising and my income isn't, so I have to find the best prices on groceries.  So I started researching how to save money on shopping.  I found some easy awesome ways to save money on grocery sho…
Product Placement Gets Me Everytime
I overheard a discussion this week about how retailers have become really good at product placement so that once they get you inside, you purchase way more than you intended.
Weirdest/Coolest Vending Machines Around the World
So we all know the typical vending machine, the coke machine that charges 75¢ for a can, or the snack machine that steals your money and taunts you through the glass with your snack just hanging there waiting for the next customer to get a snack you paid for, those machines.  I have run across some …
The Best Finds at Amarillo’s Largest Garage Sale
We are days away from Amarillo's Largest Garage Sale and the treasures that will be there waiting on you.   Amarillo's Largest Garage Sale has so much to offer.  It's not just a garage sale it is an adventure.   So what can you expect to see at Amarillo's…

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