Mommy Blogger Robyn L. – Modesty is the Best Policy
Shopping for clothes is my least favorite chore. I know there are some people who consider shopping one of the great American pastimes. And there was a time in my life when I enjoyed browsing for hours and searching for a bargain. All of that stopped when I became a mom.
H-E-B Stores Are Making Way For A New Product “Whataburger Ketchup”
Whataburger is know as a Texas Treasure for the food it has been serving for over 50 years and at the Whataburger Family Convention they announced that Whataburger will launch into retail sales. The first time Whataburger will bottle its popular line of condiments-Fancy Ketchup, Spicy Ketc…
How to Shop Black Friday [VIDEOS]
I am not a Black Friday Shopper.  The only time I shopped Black Friday was 6 years ago and that is because I was wanting a new washer and dryer.  So I'm not the person to be giving awesome tips on Black Friday Shopping, so I found some great how to videos.

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