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What To Do When Denied Access To Your Facebook Account
Who would have imagined that a decade ago, Facebook would eventually become integrated into almost everything we do online?  From keeping up with the news and with family members, to using your Facebook credentials to login to other services around the web; it has become something we almost can…
Black Friday Shopping Tips
Black Friday Shopping is this Friday.  If you are planning on going out and getting the best deals, you need to have a plan.  So here are a few tips to help you with your Black Friday shopping.
How Kids From The 90s Would Have Used Facebook
Facebook turned 10 years old on Tuesday, which the people from Facebook made a 1 minute video of your posts since joining the "friend network".  Now as for me, I'm a 90's kid growing up in a decade people actually enjoyed. I wonder how Facebook would have looked on t…
Bitstrips – How to Block Them On Facebook
There is a new trend on Facebook.  It is a new app called Bitstrips.  They are these cute little comic strips in which you can create an avatar in your likeness and then grab a friend's avatar and create scenes.  Once your strip is created you can then post them on your Facebook.  You, either you lo…

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