Taking Selfies Likely The Cause of a Plane Crash in Colorado
It is becoming more and more apparent that using cell phones while operating modes of transportation is dangerous.  A plane crashed in Watkins, Colorado in May of 2014 killing the two people on board.  The National Transportation Safety Board recently revealed their findings of the cause o…
Kids React to Technology: The Game Boy
I love these videos where kids react to technology.  They take an old piece of technology or an old video and let kids play or watch it, and then they get their reactions.    This time the kids are given a Game Boy.
FDA Approves A Tiara to Help Prevent Migraines [POLL]
This is great news for migraine sufferers.  The FDA has just approved a device that looks like a Space Tiara to help prevent migraines.  The device is called Cefaly.  It is said to relieve and prevent migraines.  It has been used in Canada and now with FDA approval it will be ava…
WikiBear: The Bear That Knows It All
WikiBear is a new bear that can answer all sorts of questions.  I would call this the Teddy Ruxpin of this generation.  It is fully interactive and can have conversations with kids.   Where Teddy Ruxpin would work with cassettes, Wikibear works off of an app connected by  Bl…

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