Weird News

Bride Attaches Her Baby to Her Wedding Dress
I completely understanding wanting to have your kids be a part of your wedding, however, attaching your newborn to your wedding dress probably isn't the way to go.  This bride had her wedding dressed altered so that she could attach her baby to the dress to walk down the aisle.
Weirdest/Coolest Vending Machines Around the World
So we all know the typical vending machine, the coke machine that charges 75¢ for a can, or the snack machine that steals your money and taunts you through the glass with your snack just hanging there waiting for the next customer to get a snack you paid for, those machines.  I have run across some …
Grilled Cheese that Falls from the Sky
I love how ingenuitive people can be, by taking one idea and creating a even better idea.  Having a meal delivered is great and convenient, but having a meal delivered by parachute is awesome!  An Australian company called Jafflechutes has taken the meal delivery system to another level.&n…
Frozen Characters Dance the Macarena, Thriller and More!
So I guess you can say the Frozen craze has gone to far.  Seriously, let it go already (see did you catch that).  OK it was a cute movie but it is everywhere and now someone has taken the characters and made them dance.  DANCE! I say.   Check out these crazy videos.

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