When it comes to the holidays, every family seems to have its Christmas traditions.  Something special you do for Christmas and the holidays.  It may be an addition to a collection, or it may be an activity or both.

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About 8 years ago, we started a Christmas tradition of buying a new Nutcracker each year.  My one year old at the time ended up with and Army man nutcracker and loved it.  He carried that nutcracker with him every where and heck he even slept with it.  Each year since we have gotten a new Nutcracker.

It's been fun coming home each year and letting him see the different nutcrackers I find.  We have a hard rocker nutcracker (I call it the Steven Tyler nutcracker), we have an Uncle Sam nutcracker and we have traditional nutcrackers.  Big, medium and small, we have them all.

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This is my family's tradition, what tradition do you and your family celebrate.  Do you get a new ornament each year?  Do you read a special story to the family on Christmas Eve?  Share your amazing traditions with us and we'd love to share them as well.