I'll admit after the first episode of "True Blood," I wanted to know about Sookie Stackhouse and her vampire adventures.  I was excited when I found out that it was based on a series of books by author Charlaine Harris.  I went to the store and picked up the first Sookie Stackhouse novel and from then on I was hooked.Harris, released the latest adventure of Sookie Stackhouse, "Dead Reckoning," on May 3rd.  Usually, I have the book waiting for me in my mailbox the day it is released however this time, I forgot to order it, OOPS! However, that didn't stop me because, I got a book reader for Christmas that I had yet to use until Friday.  "Dead Reckoning", was my very first digital copy of a book purchased for my reader, and it worth every penny.  The following contains spoilers from some of the other books, so if you don't want to know stop here.

The book starts right where book 10, "Dead In the Family" leaves off, Sookie wake up lying safe between her two fae relatives, Claude and Dermot.  Sookie and Eric are still working through their relationship.  However, is Eric Sookie's one true love? Harris always finds something that keeps her away from finding her happily ever after and this book is no different.  Sookie always seems to be struggling to keep control of her life.  The question still remains is Eric the one for her, does she truly love Eric, or does Eric truly love her, or is it the blood bond that keeps them together?

Sookie also struggles with her family, she finds out more about her grandmother and the past, plus her supernatural fairy family might have other motives by living with her.

We also find that Sam is struggling with his life and business after the "Weres" came out to the world.

Plus, Bill and Alcide still carry a torch for Sookie.

It is a book filled with suspense, love, struggle and the supernatural.

Just when you think the supernatural world couldn't get any stranger, Harris gives us yet another supernatural being.

If you love the HBO series "True Blood" then give the Sookie Stackhouse Novels a chance.  It'll give you the extra something you long for after each season of "True Blood" is over.

You can get "Dead Reckoning" and the rest of the novels, at your favorite book store or at Amazon.com.  If you have a book reader then you can find them where you download books.

If you have already read all the Sookie Stackhouse Novels including the latest, "True Blood" debuts June 26th on HBO.