Say what?  According to a new survey your children can behave better just by making sure they have 27 more minutes of sleep each night.  I'm willing to try this but really?


E has a pretty set schedule when it comes to bed time.  I usually have him in bed by 8:15pm each night. At least I thought that was a good bedtime for a 5-year old.  Now going to bed that early doesn't mean he falls asleep.  It just means he has time to finally relax and unwind and fall asleep at a decent time.

According to a article by HealthAim:

A new study shows that by just giving a child another 27 minutes of sleep each day compared to their normal amount of sleep, it could help improve their emotional stability and decrease the quantity of restlessness and impulsive behavior while in school. The study was performed by researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

I'm not sure exactly how 27 extra minutes can turn Mr. Grumpy pants into mommy's little angel but I'm willing to try.

What time do you put your kids to bed?  Do you think 27 extra minutes of sleep can help your child behave better?