What is a child life specialist?  A child life specialist is a very important person to have at a children's hospital.  It makes an unbelievable difference in a hospital stay for a child. Because of the generous donations made each year to Children's Miracle Network, BSA has a child life specialist. Elizabeth Palermo, is the angel in the pediatric unit at BSA.

So what does Elizabeth do each day?

Think about a tiny toddler, who is terrified, who doesn't feel good, who doesn't understand what is happening to them.  That's where Elizabeth comes into the picture.

She helps the sick kids in the hospital.  She plays with them.  She is there to keep them calm when they have to have an IV or a blood draw.  She talks them through the process and keeps them calm as it is happening.

When these kids have to have surgery Elizabeth is the person who sits down and explains the surgery or procedure to these kids in kids terms.  She has videos that explains surgery or she brings out Izzy

As you heard Elizabeth on the video Izzy costs over $2000 and because of your donations to CMN, Elizabeth has Izzy to explain procedures to kids.

Now they don't hire just anyone to be a child life specialist, Elizabeth has a degree in child and family studies.  So she knows how to relate to even the smallest child.

Don't be surprised if you come into the pediatric unit and see Elizabeth in the playroom with the kids or in one of the rooms bowling on the Wii.  It's what she does, and it is what makes these sick kids happy.

One of the parts of her job that is the hardest is when a child dies, she will take a hand or foot print of that special angel so the parents will have that keepsake forever.

Children's Miracle Network is here for you and your children.  Help out today.

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