A few months ago, I had the privileged of meeting an amazing young woman by the name of Cassidy Cross.   Cassidy is one of our Children's Miracle Network miracles.

The Cross Family

At the age of thirteen she was diagnosed with cancer.   At the age of 13 she had a cancerous bone removed from her leg and went through 18 rounds of chemo.   Cassidy beat cancer!  Flash forward 5 years, during a routine check up, the doctors found cancer.  When it comes to cancer the usual time they give before you are in the clear of it coming back is 5 years.

While sitting in the studio with this young woman, I couldn't believe that I was talking to an 18 year old woman.  The maturity that this young woman exudes is amazing.

Here is the story of Cassidy Cross:


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Update since her story was produced:

Cassidy had her surgery on March 26th.  The doctors were able to remove all the tumors.  She is doing well and healing despite issues with pain.

The Cross Family