We are well under way with the second and final day of the 2013 CMN Celebration.

A lot of people ask us during Celebration, "How much money have you raised so far?" To be honest, we don't know until close to 7:00pm on Friday night, as we wrap up the broadcast.

The reason for this is we want to be surprised about the total amount raised over two days, just like you. If we kept asking during the broadcast, it would take our focus off the task at hand, which is to share the stories of these miracle kiddos and to keep you informed and, hopefully, entertained.

Plus, since we are so passionate about what we are doing, if we discover that we are pacing less than the previous year it really throws us off our game and we start second guessing ourselves about what WE, as air personalities, are doing wrong.

As always, thank you so much for listening to Mix 94.1 and helping us with the CMN Celebration. Your call matters. If you'd like to donate you can call 806-212-4357.