When I think of Christmas dinner I think of a Thanksgiving redo.  However, I don't think a lot of families repeat the turkey and dressing on Christmas.

flickr/Average Jane

I know for my family, we skip the bird because Thanksgiving wears us out on turkey and dressing and ham is not an option for me.  Instead we opt to go a different route.  This year we are going to have brisket, potatoes, beans, bread and of course some kind of dessert.

Other families go with a Mexican menu.  Enchiladas, rice, refried beans, chips and queso and tamales.

Another family I know, cooks Chinese food for Christmas.

Plus, another friend of mine cooks up an Italian feast with all sorts of different pastas and sauces and of course the bread sticks

Others, just do a variety of finger foods, and appetizer type foods.

So instead of the same old traditional Christmas Meal does your family opt to do something different for Christmas?