Clint Eastwood is one guy you would never want to cross.  His characters can scare the poop out of you with one sly eye.  So why do I find it so ironic that Dirty Harry has befriended a squirrel.

According to

Clint Eastwood is obsessed with a squirrel called Lola.

[He] came across his furry friend on the Warner Bros. movie lot in Los Angeles, California.

A source said: "Clint leaves the front door open whenever he's inside working so Lola can come and go. He gets a kick out of watching her and always keeps a bag of shelled peanuts on the bottom shelf of a bookcase in case she gets hungry. Clint would be so upset if Lola disappeared. He enjoys her company."

This is sweet, I just find it hard to wrap my mind around the same guy who did this, has a pet squirrel.

Do you think Clint has gotten soft is his golden years?

Would you befriend a squirrel if it continuously made an appearance at your house?