I can understand the stresses that come from having a roommate.  Some are sloppy, some are loud, some don't pitch in, they eat your food.  However, trying to kill your roommate because of it, really isn't a great idea.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It may sound good in your head, but actually following through with it, can and will land you in jail.

When I first saw this story, it took me back to a scene in Heather's, where they poison one of the girls with drain cleaner in their coffee.  Now it seems to be coming to life with a bleach in the tea scenario.

I understand the frustration of a roommate not doing the dishes, but to try to kill them with bleach, just doesn't fall in the sane category.  Throw the dishes on their bed.  Do the dishes and move on.  Look for a new place to live, but for Pete's sake do not try to kill your roommate over dishes.  It won't work out the way you need it to, and I don't think a plea of insanity will work over dirty dishes.

I get that this roommate probably has done more to exacerbate the situation, but death is not an option.

What were some of the non-criminal things you have done, to get back at a roommate?