I totally get that it is illegal to speed, however, there are exceptions to every rule especially when a pregnant mother in labor is involved.  David Weber and his wife Genevieve were rushing to the hospital, speeding to the hospital I should say, when they were pulled over by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (this happened in Canada).

Genevieve was a high risk pregnancy and was told that the baby would have to be delivered by cesarean section, and that is why David was traveling 170 kilometers (105 mph) down the road to the hospital.

According to the Winnepeg Free Press:

When the couple saw an RCMP cruiser's lights flash just outside Portage la Prairie, they were "really relieved," Genevieve said. "We were thinking, 'Now we'll get escorted!' "

Instead of an escort, they came away from the 15-minute traffic stop with a $1,000 speeding ticket -- and a warning. "He said, 'If you go to Brandon, I don't want to see you guys speeding,'" David said. "I was half-crying... I said, 'We don't have time for a lecture.' (I was) trying to save my wife and baby's life."

Back on the road, with Genevieve in increasing pain, Weber hit the gas again. Thirty minutes later, he was stopped by a Carberry RCMP officer who had been alerted that the Webers may be speeding towards Brandon. The Carberry officer issued David another speeding ticket, warned him again of the dangers of speeding and called an ambulance.

The Webers estimate they waited about 15 minutes for the ambulance to arrive.

How insane is this story, the police be it US or Canadian are there to protect and serve, the only thing they served on this day was traffic fines and put a baby's life in danger.  Yes, the man was speeding and that was dangerous, but he was trying to save the life of his pregnant wife and their baby.  The least they could have done was escort them to the hospital.

Do you think the police were right or wrong in this situation?