One of my favorite things about "The Oscars" is the in memory montage of all the actors that have passed away in the past year.  This year was interesting.  It seemed to be a lot of behind the scenes industry folks and few actors.  One actor that wasn't shown last night was Corey Haim.

In the montage of actors who died over the last year during the Oscars, the Academy did not include the Lost Boys star, who succumbed to pneumonia and a heart condition on March 10, 2010, just days after last year's awards ceremony.

(via Corey Haim: Should He Have Been Included in Oscar Tribute? :

Do you think Corey Haim should have been included in the montage?  Is it possible the Academy chose not to include Corey because of the direction his life took?

I'm sure in the next day or two the Academy will release a statement as to why, which will probably include some reference to the show running too long.