Aaaah, the crazy songs of Christmas. Each year we get multiple requests for crazy Christmas songs. Some we play some we don't. However just for fun, here are my top 5 crazy Christmas Songs.

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    Walking 'Round In Women's Underwear

    Bob Rivers

    Take Winter Wonderland and insert cross dressing and you have this parody and one of crazy requests we get during the holidays.

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    Bad Little Boy

    Ray Stevens

    Ray Stevens takes on the Bad Little Boys at Christmas and all the chaos they cause! This is a great song and a little bit crazy.

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    The Singing Dogs-Jingle Bells

    Dr. Demento

    Everyone loves Jingle Bells. When I saw everyone I also mean man's best friend as well. Ruff!

  • 2

    Dominick The Donkey

    Lou Monte

    Hey what would Christmas be with out a donkey. Move over Rudolph, Dominick is here to help Santa.

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    12 Pains of Christmas

    Bob Rivers

    This song cracks me up because at one point and time we have felt this way about Christmas.